Super-charge your results with coaching from someone who personally field-tests tens of thousands of dollars of the best self-help theory...

  • Do you feel stuck, but know you have a ton of untapped potential?
  • Is there a dream you've wanted to pursue but can't figure out how?
  • Are you struggling to stay productive? 
  • Do you want to have a big, positive impact in the world?
  • Are you struggling to motivate yourself?
  • Do you hate the idea of living an ordinary life?
  • Is fear, disappointment, regret, or indecisiveness holding you back?
  • Do you keep falling off track in making big positive changes, like starting a business?
  • Are you disappointed in your current job, just itching for something more meaningful?

It doesn't have to be this way. We can put you on fast-track towards a rewarding, engaging life. Let me guess, when you're not sharing your true genius and gifts with the world your life feels like a drag. Yup! Guess how I know. Right, cause I've been stuck in that place for years. Then I committed myself to finding a permanent solution. After I transformed my entire life in just 6 months, I made it my life's work to share my strategies with people like you, who want to live up to their full potential.In just a few sessions we can get you feeling optimistic and excited about life again. We can put you on track with your highest goals. We can equip you with clarity, motivation, tools, knowledge, and a deep understanding of yourself. You can learn proven mindsets for how to start creating an extraordinary life right now.

Results, Results, Results!

I want to personally coach you for amazing results. No bullshit. No empty promises. No New-Age mumbo-jumbo. No arm-chair philosophizing. I will give you profound insights and the absolute best strategies for dominating in career, business, and life.I'm not talking about a measly 20% improvement. I will show you how to be 500%, 1000%, 5000% more productive and fulfilled. The power of the strategies I've personally discovered over the last 8 years of my journey can transform your life in ways that your imagination cannot even fathom. The methods I share with you will be so powerful, the biggest limiting factor in the results you achieve will be your imagination. I'm not kidding. We will actually have to spend time expanding what your conditioned imagination thinks is possible for you!

What You Can Expect From Coaching:

    • Clarity about your purpose in life
    • Strategies for moving towards your goals quickly
    • Increased motivation and discipline
    • Mindsets and tools to be MUCH more resourceful
    • Knowledge and skills to coach yourself out of future blocks
    • Courage to pursue your dream project or job To discover hidden potential you didn't know you had
    • Control over your mind to create the life you desire
    • Increased productivity and creativity
    • Techniques to control negative emotions like fear and stress so they never hold you back
    • Drive to take massive action in a fun, exciting way
    • Personal growth that would otherwise take you years
    • Self-discovery: clarity about who you are, what you value, where you're going
    • Expert tips on books, videos, tools, and seminars that will save you $1000's
    • More balance across all parts of your life: work, health, family, social life, mental development
    • Solid long-range plans for your: career, business, and personal development
    • Better communication skills to handle: family, employees, boss, or coworkers
    • Encouragement, support, and accountability
    • An amazing life-long friend

        How you will feel from coaching: 

      • Excited, alive, and energized: eager to jump out of bed every morning
      • Proud of the impact your work has on the world
      • Inspired and motivated to take actionSuccessful and accomplished
      • Financially secure
      • Free from fear, doubt, frustration, regret, laziness, negativity, anguish, and sadness
      • Confident and clear about your purpose in life
      • Optimistic and positive about your future
      • Focused, centered, and highly conscious
      • Powerful and well-equipped to take on huge challengesDeeply fulfilled, joyful, and at peace.

    Are you up for it?

    Wake up!!!

    I'm serious! Your time on this Earth is quickly coming to an end! Do you want to sit on your ass and daydream, or do you want to get this part of your life handled? How much longer are you going to tolerate the misery of settling for less than your best? How many regrets will you have 5, 10, 20 years from now if you don't step up? You can't say you didn't know better. I just took away that excuse!I'm not a salesman, but I feel completely comfortable hard-selling you right now because I know your reptilian brain wants to be lazy and put this off. I also know that if you do, your life will be so much less than it could be. I would be negligent if I didn't rattle your cage and a scream in your face that my coaching can radically improve your success and fulfillment in life.

    Why Work With Me?

    I know coaches. There are many great coaches out there, but most coaches only coach. Few of them have COMMITTED THEIR WHOLE LIFE to researching original answers and field-testing theory. Few of them are as committed as me to demonstrating extraordinary personal results in their own lives. I do x10 more research and testing than coaching, and that's how it should be. I am a RESULTS-CREATING MACHINE for myself and I pass on my discoveries on to you.

    This means less wishy-washy therapy talk — e.g., How do you feel about that? — and more laser-targeted strategies that actually address the real challenges your face. Every challenge you face, I try to face. Every challenge that keeps you stuck, I've helped clients overcome. I can quickly tell you what does and doesn't work.

    How to Get Started

    Click the red button below now. For a limited time you can get a FULL 45-minute coaching session with me. No strings attached. I actually spend time coaching you. This is not a pared-down session where I up-sell you.

    Submit your application RIGHT NOW to schedule your complimentary session! This offer is only good while coaching slots are available. My schedule only allows me to work with 5 clients at a time maximum. I'm also picky about who I take on. I like to work with exceptional people. But if you're interested, definitely contact me.


    “Thank you for our life coaching work together which resulted in a greater sense of autonomy for me. I have clearer direction around my career. Our work increased my capacity for action on my own behalf. We also restored my faith in working collaboratively. You served as a believing mirror.” – Fredrick, Business Owner

    “Tim is a superb coach and I highly recommend him to anyone creating bold new visions and realities. Tim's energy is soothing and centering, as he offers valuable insights and frameworks that help me to move forward. He is highly intuitive, curious and respectful, a combination I find restores, relaxes, and uplifts me.” – Thomas, Student

    “Through my work with Tim I became clearer on my priorities and values in life and how certain choices and behaviors I was undertaking were not in line. I was then able to shift these patterns of behaviors to others that were more in line with these values. I found myself happier and more connected to myself as a result.” – Peter, Banker

    “Tim's ability to genuinely listen gives people permission to discuss sensitive life changing topics with grace and a sense of humor. He’ll challenge you and you’ll thank him for it! Tim really knows how to keep it real.” – Lee, Lawyer

    “In a few short months, I went from procrastinating and agonizing over taking my next step, to putting myself out there and succeeding! Tim is intuitive, positive, and doesn’t waste time. His style is a great balance of “lets get things done” and also creative and exploratory. He seems to know when to focus on the concrete goals and when to explore our personal motivations and feelings. Go see him!” – Bruce, entrepreneur.

    “Tim helps me sort out the opportunities before me and decide what is the best fit for ME – not anyone or any factor around me. He helps me to feel confident in my decisions and pushes me to make practical moves towards meeting my goals. I always leave our meetings with a sense of clarity and renewal.” – Steven, Freelance Photographer

    “Working with Tim gave me a kick start to help me to start looking at my problems in a new way. Tim asks you questions that you will not typically ask yourself which allows you to explore new perspectives and ideas. By working with Tim I have created new life systems which have given me greater confidence to believe in myself and work independently.” – John, Managing Director

    “As a life coach, Tim has had a dramatic affect on my motivation, helping me to realise what I wanted to do and then achieve it. He was also able to introduce me to the best person to design my website. I would say the life coaching sessions had a big impact on my life and I am very grateful to Tim for this.” – Alex, Actor

    “Working with Tim has really helped me to focus on my goals in life, become more confident and understand not only my own behavior but that of others around me. He is always understanding but challenging at the same time, he knows exactly how hard to push! If you decide to work with Tim he will take you out of your comfort zone and challenge you to do things you never thought possible. Go see him, you will not regret it!” – Ethan, Entrepreneur

    How Coaching Works

    I coach over SKYPE in weekly, 60-minute sessions. There are a lot of reasons why coaching works but it basically boils down to three things:

    1) Asking questions that probe your core, your identity

    2) Laying out reasonable plans for you to take action

    3) Holding you accountable for follow-through

    My approach also includes a lot of first-hand experience, cutting-edge techniques, and personal self-help expertise. My coaching philosophy is to equip you with the mindsets and concepts you need to solve problems on your own. The goal is to make you more self-sufficient. We do this by building up your INNER GAME.My goal is to help you get excited about the direction of your life. One of the greatest feelings in life is that "Oh shiiiit!" moment when you know you've exceed your own expectations. I want to help you feel this more consistently.

    Is Coaching Right For Me?

    If you're mentally stable and want help with the types of issues I specialize in, we'll probably be a great match. I get along well with all types of people. Here are the types of clients I can and cannot work with.

    Who I Can Work With

    We'll work well together if you have at least 3 of the following characteristics:

    1. Intelligent: have brilliance and talents to share with others. Logical, practical, and scientific.
    2. Dedicated: willing to go through hardship to get what you want.
    3. Open-Minded: willing to try new things. Not a slave to culture, society, religion, or family.
    4. Growth-Oriented: willing to grow and recognize the importance of improving yourself.
    5. Open: willing to talk about personal, intimate issues. Have nothing to hide.
    6. Comfortable Being Challenged: want a coach who challenges you and asks for your best.
    7. Value Impact: have a strong desire to make a contribution, help others, or advance humanity.
    8. Creative: have a strong desire to create and to express yourself (not necessarily artistically).
    9. Sense of Urgency: know that life is short, so you need to start moving towards your goals.
    10. Value Emotions: want to experience richer emotions and willing to talk about it.

    Who I CANNOT Work With

    Coaching is NOT suitable for you if you any of the following:

    1. You can't afford coaching.
    2. You have a serious mental disorder like: clinical depression, anxiety panic attacks, bipolar disorder, OCD, schizophrenia, eating disorders, PTSD, etc.
    3. You have a drug or alcohol addiction.
    4. You are dealing with serious trauma like rape or physical abuse.
    5. You cannot control your anger.
    6. You are dogmatically religious.
    7. You don't have time to devote at least 1 hour/wk to coaching + 1 hour/wk for homework.
    8. You are forgetful and untimely, repeatedly missing calls.
    9. You don't have a high quality phone or internet connection.

    If you're looking to inject more excitement into your life and get on track towards having that big kind of impact you've always dreamed of, contact me right now! Do NOT put this off!