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Tim Han Success Insider: Forgiveness is part of your own healing, not for the benefit of those who may have hurt you. πŸ™

Everyone has different stories tell, and no two stories are alike – just as no two people are alike. In our human journey, woven within the threads of love, joy, ambition and resilience, there's another less-frequently-discussed thread that connects us all – the need to forgive.

The truth is, forgiveness – like an undying flame – requires fuel to keep it glowing. It needs your energy, intention, and sometimes even your tears. Yet, one of the greatest misconceptions we hold is that forgiveness is a ticket to serve another. That forgiving is for benefit of those who acted unjustly against us.

However, allow me to clear this misconception with the truth that forgiveness, in its purest form, is primarily for your benefit. It's a key component of your personal growth, not a sanctuary for those who wronged you.

Imagine this scenario: Someone does you wrong. You feel hurt, betrayed and broken. These negative emotions are like chains shackled around your ankles. Each time you hold onto the hurt, you're adding another chain, weighing yourself down even more. The one who wronged you may have long moved on, but you still carry the heavy burden of this grudge, having to drag it along life’s path.

Forgiveness is the only key that can break these chains, allowing you to sprint through life with grace and vigour.

With every step taken in forgiveness, you release pain, bringing in room for healing. Choosing forgiveness is choosing peace over pride, love over hate, and most importantly, choosing yourself over your ego. It's like taking a deep, cleansing breath, purifying your soul of negativity, leaving you lighter and freer.

Do great souls such as Martin Luther King Jr, Mahatma Gandhi and Nelson Mandela ring a bell? Each of these individuals forgave their oppressors, not because it was easy, but because they understood the power of forgiveness.

Remember, everyone is fighting a battle you know nothing about, often, they hurt you because they’re hurting themselves. Their unkindness reflects their inner war, not your value. Inculcating this understanding makes the journey of forgiveness less about them and more about you.

Forgiveness doesn't mean forgetting or condoning what happened, it simply means choosing your peace over reliving the past. Yes, it's tough but remember resilience isn't built in the good times, it comes from surviving the storm, standing up in the face of adversity and moving forward with courage.

And this, my dear reader, is an exquisite truth about life sometimes – the most important lessons are often the hardest to learn.

Take time to heal, take time to grow, but grant yourself the gift of forgiveness. It might be a steep climb but remember, at the top of a hill, the view is levels above the rest.

So, are you ready to unchain yourself and step into the healing light of forgiveness?

Reflect on your pain, accept it, but let go of the hurt. Grant yourself the gift of forgiveness, a gift that you deserve. And as you embark on this journey of healing, take solace in knowing that even though it's tough, you're tougher. You're a pot full of strength, resilience, love and compassion – if only you tap into it.

The road to healing starts with forgiveness. So, when it comes to forgiveness remember this – it's more about you, and less about who hurt you. The road might be tough but remember, as the founder of Success Insider and creator of the LMA course, I’ve seen firsthand that it’s during the toughest times that people’s true strengths shine. So shine, dear reader, shine.