About Tim Han

Tim Han is a world-renowned success coach, Amazon best-selling author of “Follow Your Heart and Take Action”, entrepreneur and international speaker. He is the founder and CEO of Success Insider, the fastest growing personal development YouTube channel across the globe in 2016.

Due to his large global reach, he’s had the opportunity to collaborate with world-renowned leaders such as T Harv Eker, Ryan Deiss, Neil Patel, Grant Cardone, Tom Bilyeu, Julius Dein, Sunny Lenarduzzi, Preston Smiles, Evan Carmichael, Alex Ikonn, Antonio Centeno, and many more!


More than 35,000,000 people have watched his videos in the last 3 years and now these have gone viral, meaning that over 1,000,000 people watch his videos online every month. In addition, thousands of students have gone through his flagship training and courses.


His success has enabled him to speak on stages across the globe, the Houses of Parliament, some of the worlds most prestigious universities and even being invited to meet the president.


While this is where he’s at now, he started from humble beginnings on the opposite side of the success ladder.

Personal Struggles

A decade ago, Tim was stuck in a dead-end job cleaning toilets, addicted to drugs and surrounded by toxic people…and he found himself stuck in a never-ending downward spiral.

But Tim finally faced his awakening in life when his mum forcefully took him on a long walk. She reminded him of his real father who had run away when Tim was aged 2.

It dawned on Tim that his mother had been left to fend for herself, forced to work day and night just to put food on the table for him and his siblings.

Discovering the Bigger Why

It was at this moment Tim finally woke up and committed to becoming an entrepreneur in order to try and help his family…

But due to growing up with low self-esteem, shyness and lack of self-discipline, he struggled to get his business off the ground as he found himself constantly self-sabotaging.

That’s when he began devouring books and watching videos online to try and get rid of his internal blocks and master his mindset. But despite trying everything, he was left with only temporary motivation and no lasting transformation.

The Turning Point

Realizing he hadn’t been able to solve his issues on his own, in a moment of desperation, he began to invest in working directly with mentors and coaches who’d walked a similar path to himself.

It wasn’t long before the investments paid off as he discovered a life-changing blueprint which allowed him to unlock his inner power and feel unstoppable.

By the age of 26, he had totally reinvented himself, which in turn allowed him to reach incredible financial success in his business, and create personal freedom for him and his loved ones.


Through realizing what was possible from his own personal breakthrough, Tim was inspired to pay his message forward. This led him to creating Success Insider, with the sole aim of providing transformative education – to people who refuse to settle for being average or mediocre – about the vital self-mastery skills that the traditional education system has failed to teach us.

Today, Success Insider provides the most cutting-edge, results-driven courses for leaders, aspiring entrepreneurs and successful CEOs who are on a mission to change themselves and the world.