Prior to receiving help from Tim, I was struggling with limiting beliefs and mindset blocks which were preventing me from launching my own online business. After receiving the breakthrough mentorship that's when everything changed as Tim showed me the ways to master mindset and take control of my life. As a result, I'm now running my own online business and couldn't be anymore thankful!

Andini Overfield

United Kingdom

Prior to joining Tim Han’s LMA program. I felt so out of alignment and trapped in my old beliefs and since up taking Tim's program I snapped my “elastic band” and I now feel free and am in touch with who I really am. It's the best feeling ever!

Catherine Campart


I joined Tim Han's LMA program because I was struggling with my business for 6 years and was lacking the passion to make it successful. Having now got through Tim Han's program, I feel like I've truly discovered who I really am and feel uplifted once again!

Paul Hutchings

United Kingdom

Joining Tim Han's LMA program has been one of the best decisions I've ever made, the amount of value and tools you get is literally priceless and has helped me tremendously in my life and business.

William Brady

United States

It's my 3rd time going through Tim Han's LMA program and this time it's helped me to foster the unstoppable mindset required to grow my coaching business even further. I couldn't recommend Tim's programs enough!

Sean West

United States

I have a breakthrough every time I tune into Tim Han's LIVE mentoring session every month on board his academy and as a result my clarity, confidence has literally increased 10 fold! Tim's so big on taking action and it's so contagious within success insider!

Lauren Regan

United Kingdom

Prior to working with Tim, I'd mastered the skills required to be successful as a coach but I neglected the marketing and sales part of the business. That all changed when I started working with Tim as literally within a week of working with him I closed 3 clients at £1000 each. Now a couple of months the line, I've quadrupled my income!

Jonam Ross

United States

Prior to being mentored by Tim Han, I was struggling with self-doubt and self-esteem issues. But within the first few weeks of receiving mentoring on board Tim Han's LMA program, I began to notice big changes in my life. I now look at myself in the mirror and see a totally different person and can accept myself for who I really am!

Sadaf Fatima

United Kingdom

Prior to receiving help from Tim, we were struggling to get enough clients buying our products but now everything has changed for us! Tim is the real deal!

Eric Ho

United Kingdom

Before joining Tim's program, I was struggling with speaking up for what I truly believed in and had so much fear when it came to speaking in front of people. But through Tim's non-stop support I've been able to get rid of my biggest blocks! This is one of the best courses out there!

Divya Veylou

United Kingdom

Despite having grown my business to over 6 figures, I suddenly saw a huge dip in my business in terms of sales and that all changed when I came across Tim at an event I was attending. When I joined his program everything had changed, on my website within 5 days of announcing a special promotion I made over £25,000!

Nicole Akong

United Kingdom

I'd just quit my job when I signed up to Tim's mentoring program, so I was feeling a little hesitant but when I implemented everything he told me to do the results truly began to show. I was able to close a client I was struggling to get for 6 months, within just 3 days of listening to Tim. His strategies just works!

Yevgeniya Davarashvili

United Kingdom

I recently finished Tim's program and it's been the best business investment I'd ever made. If you follow everything he said, you'll get results. It's been proven!

Johnny Harris

United Kingdom

I was always a shy guy and always struggled with putting myself out there. But after joining Tim's program, I'm now able to stand on stages with confidence and share what I truly want to share. This program is the real deal!

Sothon Yem


After receiving mentoring from Tim Han, I was able to dramatically improve my speaking skills and feel unstoppable every day. In turn this has allowed me to my business. This has been one of the biggest highlights of my life!

Jonathan Chen

United States