Hey Insider!

Today's video is all about 2 new announcements moving forwards for Success Insider TV!

Announcement #1: The upload schedule for Success Insider TV will still be 3x a week– but the times have been changed to Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday at 3pm GMT!

Why? Because looking at the analytics I can see that this timing will be better for everyone both on the West & East side of the world 🙂


Announcement #2: After YEARS of being asked for this… we're finally pulling the trigger! We've just launched our BRAND NEW podcast! This is called: “Success Insider Podcast with Tim Han”! So now for the interviews that I've recorded with uber-successful entrepreneurs, you can listen to them on the go between your earbuds!

To subscribe for FREE, please follow this link:

Since we're new to the podcasting arena, we would really appreciate your support by submitting us a 5 star review on iTunes! That way, our message can spread and help to impact more Insiders around the world!


And once you do, send us a screenshot of your review to so that we can send you a secret gift as our way of saying thank you for your support 🙂


As always,

Follow your heart & take action!

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Tim Han