It’s a special anniversary today, Insider! In the video, I’ll show you the very camera that started my dream four years ago. On the 16th July 2015, I came home from work with this crazy idea of pursuing my dream.

I was really shy, so having this dream of wanting to change people's lives and share my advice online was such a scary thing.

But I decided to create this channel called Success Insider, I took this camera and, hands trembling, I began to post videos online.

Little did I know that this single action would end up becoming something. I quit it for about six months in 2015, and didn't start again until the beginning of 2016, when I told myself: “You can't quit. You know what quitting feels like, so let's see what happens when you don't.”

That's why I decided to go all-in—every single day, showing up, doing whatever it took, filming these videos after work.

By the middle of 2016 we were going viral and reaching millions of people. It's crazy to think how we reached over 30 million people around the world.

That's why today I’m going to share the 3 ugly truths that I’ve learned along this journey.

Each truth—no matter what you want to do, no matter where you are—is totally relevant and you'll see why in the video.

Watch today to learn:

I hope you enjoy the video today. I just want to say from the bottom of my heart, “thank you so much”, to those who have been part of my journey.

Of course it's not the end, we're part of this thing we call life and we have no idea when it's going to end.

Like many of you, I’ve lost family members recently and it just reminds me that life is so short.

It's this that prompts me to keep everybody at peace. Because you just never know when the final conversation will be with the people who you truly love.

That's why I just want to say I care about you, keep doing what it takes. Some of you may not believe you can do it, or you may not feel like you're ready for it, but just remind yourself: although you may not feel like it, the world needs you to be ready.

As always Insider, follow your heart my friend, and take action and go live the life you truly want to live.

If you're looking to build an online business while still working a full-time job, this video is for you.


Are you stuck in a full-time job you hate, and you want to get out? So many people are in the same situation as you, my friend.


It seems impossible to leave your job and start a business, but there are tips and tools you can use to make it easier to reach your goals.


There are four steps which have made the greatest difference to my life, as well as my mentees’ lives, allowing them to do what they truly love for a living.


So be sure to pay close attention if you want to get to that next level, to improve your business and your life much, much faster.


Watch today to learn:



I hope you find today's video helpful, Insider. If you want to learn more about marketing and selling, I suggest you join my upcoming free training.


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As always, follow your heart, my friend and take action. Go live the life you're truly born to live.


Have a great rest of the day and speak to you soon.

Over the last several years, I’ve been able to hang around with, as well as to collaborate with, the world's most successful people. During that time I've noticed how there's one significant thing the rich buy that the poor don’t.

Looking back at my life, I now realise that the reason I was struggling so much in my life is because I never bought into it. I was never taught, so I never really understood it.

It’s only just clicked for me in the last few years, so don’t worry if you’re the same, Insider—wondering why you’re struggling. You don’t have this vital piece of advice!

By the way this video isn't going to be about the subject you probably assume it will be! I expect you’re thinking it’s all about finances—assets, liabilities, profit and loss.

But it’s something much deeper, it's a foundational belief. So read on to find out more, and of course all the details will be in the video.

First let me ask you a question—what would you do if someone gave you one million dollars right now? Would you feel like all your problems have gone away?

I’m guessing you wouldn’t, because there is something else more essential that you need to live a satisfying life.

In my video today, I’ll tell you what billionaire Warren Buffett says about money and time, and which one he thinks is more important. You might be surprised!

Rich people such as Warren think totally differently from the average person—they value the L word. Not the L word you are thinking of, I expect! But another very important word.

I have one other question to ask you before you watch my video—in a race between me and Usain Bolt, the fastest man in the world, who do you think would win? I’m sure now you are laughing and thinking I’m crazy, but it all depends on what I said above about the important word.

You have to start thinking about your life, my friend, and start working on what’s important, not just urgent.

And when you've really understood what I tell you in the video, you’ll finally start living like the rich and making the best of your life.

I hope my tips today will help you figure this out. Let me know in the comments box below what your biggest takeaway was.

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Do you wonder why you’re having so much trouble closing your sales?


You are trying hard and doing all the things you know you should do, but you’re just not getting the number of sales you want, and think you should be getting.


Don’t beat yourself up—there is a secret that maybe you don’t know, which I am going to show you today so you can close more sales than you do now.


If you listen and take to heart this advice I’m going to give you, you can make changes and move forward confidently into selling more of what you are offering.


In my video, you will find out:



Tune in to find out what I say about the above points and how you can use the tips in your life to close more sales.


They all really tie up nicely into one secret, as I mentioned, so it’s really not as complicated as it looks!


I hope you found my video helpful—if you have, be sure to click the like button and comment below.


How did you use the information I gave you today? Did you see results immediately or did  you start more slowly? Let me know and I’ll be sure to get back to you.

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As always, follow your heart, my friend, and take action and let's go transform people's lives together.

Insider, if you're anything like me you may be a popcorn machine. That's what my team calls me, in terms of ideas.


I'm currently out in San Diego at the moment and before this I was out in Nashville attending an event. As you can imagine, when you're thirty hours into an event, you get so many business ideas as regards to what you can do!


But remember, knowledge is never power—that's the big problem I find with a lot of people. They are reading tons of books, checking out lots of videos but never getting results.


The reason is because what you implement is power! Not just having the knowledge.


That's why I'll just quickly share with you (before my taxi arrives) a few tips about this situation—what should you do when you've got too many ideas?


In my video I will give you advice about what to do with the huge number of ideas you get—how can you work out and prioritise which are important to you?


Time is valuable so you need my tips to stop you wasting it.


Then you need to make a plan—how will you execute these important and exciting ideas, and not just let them go to waste? There is a secret to stop yourself getting overwhelmed.


Talking of being overwhelmed, I will share with you a way to stop this. It’s easy to be overwhelmed by the amount of information you find. And you end up wondering—what do I need to learn and how can I find it?


Follow my tips in this video and all those questions above will be answered.

I hope you found this to be helpful! By the way last week I didn't post videos because I was totally immersed in this event I was attending.


But expect to see some more videos coming your way because on Friday we're heading out to LA and taking my mum out there for the first time. And of course you’ll see Toma and my sister Alice on the video.


Have a great day and take action on what you learned today. Remember knowledge is not power—its potential power! As always follow your heart, take action and go live the life you truly want to live.

I’m going to be blunt with you today, Insider, because I find so many people out there with so much potential to achieve so much, but their life never changes.


They binge watch videos like mine, they've read tons of books, they go to all the seminars but they don’t do anything different in their lives.


It comes down to the fact that they haven’t turned just one thing into a habit, a thing which totally transformed my life 10 years ago when I was working as a toilet cleaner.


Every single day I was just hating my job but the reason why nothing was working was because I hadn't turned this one thing into a habit.


Do you feel that this is the situation you’re in? If so, don’t give up hope because I’m going to share with you the one habit you can change in your life and make it work for you instead of against you.


This one thing is to stop being a victim. And being a victim falls into three categories, which I’m going to talk about today.


If you resonate with these three states of being, that is why you are getting the results you are getting now.

Did you know that it is six to seven times more expensive to get a new customer than it is to keep your current ones?

That's why as a business owner it is so important that you learn how to create a customer fan base which raves about what you do for them.

You want fans who talk about your products or services for free and you want them to be so satisfied that they consistently buy more and more of them.

People have been asking me how have we been able to do it here at Success Insider—whenever I'm speaking on stages, they ask, ‘Tim, how have you got clients who have been with you from day one? Have you got a raving consumer fanbase? Because I often see them talk about your products and programs for free online on Facebook.’

Well, Insider, it's not some form of luck or trickery or manipulation—far from it!

I’m sure you know that the success of your business depends on how you treat your customers—that is obvious—but what is the secret of treating them exactly right so they come back again and again?

How about the product or service you actually deliver to your customers? Is it better to give them exactly what they want? Or to keep them wanting more? Or to give them more than they asked for?

Why did you choose the business you chose? Was it just something you thought looked good, or was it a burning passion of yours?

Do you think your customers feel like independent consumers or do they feel like part of a community or group?


How much do you share with the people who buy your products or services? Do they know the real you. or do they see a shiny logo and website with loads of information to read?

For the answers to these questions, watch my video today where I will share with you the five steps I have developed, so you can make sure your customers keep coming back time after time.

Remember this requires you to think differently. It's about coming from the right place and provided you do, your business will grow. But most importantly your customers’ lives will be transformed! So pay close attention to what I’m about to share with you in this video, my friend!

I hope you liked this video, and let me know in the comments box below—what are you going to take action on? I'll be sure to get back to you.
If you like this video, share it with an aspiring or current entrepreneur who you know will benefit from this message.

This life is all about paying it forwards, and as always, follow your heart my friend. Take action and let's go transform the world together.

Hey Insiders! What would you do if something happened and you had to go back to zero and start from the beginning again? If your hard earned money and lifestyle suddenly disappeared and you found yourself struggling and back where you started.

What is the first thing you’d do in the first 30 days to get yourself back up to the level you were?

Today I’m interviewing a Success Insider called Ryan Serhant. He's an American real estate salesperson and reality television star who's been featured on Bravo's million dollar listing in New York. He's also a real estate powerhouse as his team at Nest Seekers International sold over 830 million in real estate in 2017.

He has lots of advice and wisdom about how to be more successful financially as he has been there and done that, as they say!

Everyone wants to make more money and be more secure, find their purpose and get out of bed every morning full of happiness and excitement about the day, the month, the year ahead.

Without guidance though, you’ll just go through your life in the same way for a long time, without knowing what to do and how to be more successful.

Do you often wonder:

How do you keep going when times are hard?

Why are you stuck in a ‘survival job’ which you know won’t help you reach your financial goals?

Are your time management, self-discipline and motivation skills good enough?

This is why you need advice from people who have been there and found their way themselves. This is what I did, Insider—I took advice from people who were further ahead of me in my journey to success.

You're going to really love today's episode, especially if you want to become more financially successful like Ryan. So be sure to pay close attention. This interview is packed with the information you need to move forward towards your goals.

Tune in to my interview to learn what Ryan says about those questions, and hear his thoughts about:

The way he structures his day

How to move through the worst times

Why acting makes people better at sales

How to get out of your own way

What to do if you have to start again from the beginning

And much more!

I hope you enjoyed and learned from this video today, Insider. Let me know in the comments box below what is your biggest takeaway from today's interview. Follow your heart and take action, my friends!

People always ask me, “should I quit my job to start my own business?” I want to run through some important questions you should ask yourself before you leave your job in a hurry. Just wait a moment and think of these questions before you do so, however tempting it is to run out of the door of a job you dislike.

These tips I share with you today are from my personal experience, not from some books I read or videos I saw. Not long ago I was in a job I hated and I just knew there was another way to live.

So I took the time to learn and grow my skills to make myself more able to run my own business, instead of jumping into it unprepared.

I also have a special offer for you in my video with a link to a training I’m going to run about creating an online business.

But back to the five questions you should ask yourself before starting your own business. They are common sense but it is easy to get carried away with enthusiasm, so I’m just warning you to look before you leap.

The steps are connected to these things:

What is your focus right now? Is it one thing or many?

How capable or efficient are you? Do you struggle to manage many different demands or are you comfortable getting things done effectively?

What is your skillset? Do you have the right skills to run a business or do you need to learn more?

Why do you want to run this business? What is your reasoning behind it?

Is this a lasting passion of yours? Or something temporary and short-term?

All these questions are vital to ask when you think you want to quit your job and run your own business. I will go into these in a lot more detail, with advice, in my video here today.

None of the things I mentioned above are hard to achieve, so don’t be put off. When you look deeply into the five questions I describe, you will find that with a few tweaks in your life, you will soon see a clear path ahead. Whether that is quitting your job to start a business or staying in your current job for a while longer.

If you got value from today's video insider, be sure to click the like button. And comment below about what's been your biggest takeaway today or aha moment! I’ll be sure to get back to you.

And also share this video with a friend or loved one who's got to hear this message. As always follow your heart my friend, and take action and go create a life you're truly born to live.

Here is a question someone asked me and I thought it would be a great video topic for me to make and share with my insiders, about the three ways I learned to help myself grow my income.

Everyone wants to know how to make six figures in their twenties, and there are three things I wish I’d known from the start. They would have helped me so much and they can help you too!

For those of you who don’t know, I came from a background of working as a cleaner, I didn’t pay attention in school and I took a lot of drugs when I was young, so the odds were stacked against me.

But I didn’t want to stay where I was in life so I studied the ways to earn more money from hanging out with seven figure earners, mentors and people ahead of me in my journey to earning more money. So they are tried and tested strategies which changed my life!

Everyone can always change their situation if they know how to do it! You need to think about the three following things to move towards the six (or seven) figure income you want.

What type of work do you actually do? If you just make this little alteration in the work you do, you can earn more instantly. It needn’t be a huge change, it will even make your job more enjoyable.

Which tasks do you spend most of your time on? Start working out where your time is going—I will share how to prioritise what you’re doing each day to make your time more constructive.

How do you deal with your customers? There are ways you can learn to make your customers keen to always buy your product or service.

Watch my video to see how to use these techniques in your life and earn six figures in your twenties! Or any age—you can start right now, however old you are.


If you found today's video helpful be sure to click that like button, and comment below.

Tell me what you're going to take action on and I'll get back to you. Also, share this video with somebody that you know will benefit from it.

Thank you so much for checking out today's video and as always, follow your heart, my friend, take action and let's go change your world together.