How to Stop Absorbing Other People’s Negative Energy

Do you find whenever you're surrounded by negative people, it's really easy for you to start being negative as well?

It's contagious isn't it? Especially when one person complains, it makes you want to complain and it continues like that.

Here in London today it's said to be one of the hottest ever days, so you can guess what the conversation is like. Everyone's saying, “oh it's too hot.”

And then when it's cloudy and grey, like normal weather here in England, everyone's saying, “oh it's too cold, where's the sun?”

We're living in a crazy society, and that's why I want to share with you some tips to help you stop absorbing other people's negative energy.

You're going to find this extremely useful, if right now you're surrounded by toxic people. So be sure to pay close attention because it comes down to 3 fundamental steps.

As I said regarding the weather, the overabundance of negative energy is a big problem these days, but if you follow my advice in this video, you’ll be able to handle it as well as possible.

Watch today to learn:

  • How tanning is a great example of how you can stop absorbing negative energy
  • Why and how you should brainwash yourself
  • What people find more powerful than what you tell them
  • Why you mustn’t tell babies to become instant teenagers (sounds funny, right? But there is a reason)
  • What you were chosen to do when surrounded by negative people
  • Where is your most valuable role—in private or in public?
  • What people may turn around and ask you one day

I hope you find today's video helpful, Insider! What you learn from it can change your life and make it so much more positive and enjoyable.

Let me know in the comments box below about how you currently stop yourself absorbing other people's negative energy. Your advice will help others.

We'll be looking at everyone’s comments for any other effective strategies, because negativity is one of the biggest problems getting in the way of personal growth, and development and we want to help combat it.

Let me know also what is your biggest takeaway today. Because it helps you to lock it into your subconscious mind if you re-state what you've just learned.

Like this video if you did, and share it with somebody who's got to hear this message right now—but make sure that they are ready to learn.

As always, follow your heart and take action, my friend!