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This program is about digging deep and uncovering those not so comfortable truths about yourself, and I had a lot of them. There were so many exercises that Tim put me through that just really, really helped me out. I would so recommend this program! I've been through many programs and this has been one of the few that I've actually completed.

Its hard to put into words exactly how impactful and influential LMA has been to me in the last 6 weeks. Before LMA I was stuck in a rut — and I can honestly say I was at my lowest point. LMA has just transformed my life. If anyone is on the fence, I cannot explain to you how impactful it will be for you. It will change your life if you allow it to, you have to trust the process. Tim does an extremely good job of supporting you and taking you to where you want to go.

 You couldn't make a better choice than to join this program and to be with such a positive group of people who are all about growing to be their best selves.

One of the reasons that I joined LMA when I saw the ad is that I found that it really resonated with me. I've seen lots and lots of ads on Facebook as I'm sure we all see every day but this one just felt right for me. So, I decided to join and I am so, so glad that I joined LMA. I've only been doing it for 5 or 6 weeks and already I feel like a completely different person. This course has literally been a life-changer. It covers every single area and leaves no stone unturned. You're not going to regret it!

I've recently been struggling with things like depression, anxiety and then went through a relationship breakdown. I was feeling really low and quite desperate and I wanted my life to change. I was on YouTube and Tim Han's advert came up and there was something about it that really resonated with me — and I did something that I don't normally do and signed up to the six-week LMA program — and it has been life changing. It gave me a roadmap for success and I think that's what's really exciting about this program.

I can say after the LMA training that I am now living to my full potential and I look forward to life. I now have this enthusiasm for life and I know where to put my energy now, so thank you Tim Han!

[Before joining LMA] I had low self-esteem and I was lacking in confidence and I wasn't trusting my decisions. I knew there was an issue but I didn't know what to do about it. I saw Tim's video and I knew it was right. The LMA community is just amazing with people from all of the world supporting each other.

I just finished my fourth consecutive season onboard LMA. I've been on my self-development journey for almost 26 years now. [LMA] has improved my quality of life in a way that only graduating from such a program and continuing to adopt the principles that we've learned can show you. If you're sitting on the fence and wondering if you should take that leap of faith, I think me completing four consecutive seasons of LMA speaks for itself. See you in Season 9!

Before joining LMA the biggest thing that I was dealing with was finding my passion. It's been a journey I've been on for so many years and I'm grateful that LMA put me at ease. The [LMA] training is great, it's awesome, I can't wait to go through it again.

[Before LMA] I was feeling weak, insecure, afraid to talk, afraid to give my own opinions and afraid to disagree with someone. When [LMA] appeared it was a no-brainer for me and it paid off on every level.